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Full-length BALLETS

Aladdin (SMB)

Beauty and the Beast (OKC Ballet 2014)

Peter Pan (Hartt - Hartford 2014)

Phantom of the Opera (OKC)

Snow White

Wizard of Oz

Prince Charming - (Penn Ballet)

The Beautiful Mermaid (Little Mermaid) - Des Moines

Shorter Ballets

Helen  (2017)


Orchestral Works

Along  These Footsteps to Paradise (orchestral)

Concierto de Chiaro (Guitar Concerto #1) 2016 *

No Sound of Trumpet nor Roll of Drums

Symphony #1 "Shreveport"  2015

Within the Orb of Glories Wearing (orchestral)

Within the Witch's Chamber (from Wizard of Oz)

Visions of the Virgin (orchestral - premiered June, 2014)*


Within the Orb of Glories Wearing   (string quartet 1)

Along These Footsteps to Paradise (string quartet 2)

Visions of the Virgin (string quartet 3)


Film Scores

Tarzan (silent film)

Tarzan:  Lord of the Louisiana Jungle (documentary)

Nosferatu (silent film)

Shenault:  A Maestro's Life (documentary)

Silent Treatment (short feature)

Cameraman (feature - Dixie Films)

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - 2014

*Orchestral music available from Subito Music


Compositions and Arrangements

Orchestral Pops Arrangements

Bells of Christmas

Candles and Dreidels   (publisher - Lucks)

Carol of the Drums

Christmas in a Minute (Biegel/Chopin, pub: Keiser Music)

Christmas Cornucopia

Dancing Queen

He Never Said a Mumbalin' Word (spiritual accompaniment)

Jesus Will Make Everything Alright (gospel arrangement)

Shreveport Stomp Ragtime (Leadbelly)

We Are the Champions (Mercury)


String Quartet Arrangements for Christmas

(All as heard on Christmas Around the World by the West Edge String Quartet - Centaur Records)

Available on iTunes - click here


  • Christmas Cornucopia

  • Silent Night

  • The First Noel

  • The Bells of Christmas

  • Two Puerto Rican Carols

  • Carol of the Bells

  • Riu, Riu, Chiu

  • In the Bleak Midwinter

  • The Wexford Carol

additional also available, refer to album



Quartet Christmas Arrangements avaiable for purchase.


All others for rental.

For Purchase/Rental Information

please contact:


or call:



Violin and Piano

Reflections on a Dream for Violin and Piano (2015)



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